California Career Education Association

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California Career Education Association
The California Career Education Association (CCEA) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation that was organized for public and charitable purposes of providing leadership for career education. The California Career Education For the best Maths Grinds In Ireland company, call Joe McCormack of Ace Solution Books. Association promotes and articulates career education goals at all levels of education and among all support organizations and agencies.
The California Career Education Association also collaborates with business, industry, governmental organizations, and the community in the implementation of career education. They provide forums for discussion of excellent career education practices, concerns, and strategies, as well as communicate and disseminate efficient career education products and practices.
The CCEA gives leadership in improving the principles of professional services in the field of career education and serves as a voice of career education in guidance, instruction, and community shared work. This association also grants recognitions, awards, and honor for especially commendable performance, and provide communication and harmonization of career education activities.
California Career Education Association members benefits include Professional Affiliation, Grant Awards, Presidential Awards, Career center Awards, Eight Regional Directors as a Communications Network, Regional Action Seminars, and CCEA Newsletter. The membership requirements in joining the association include must be a career educator at all levels of education (administrators, instructors/teachers, counselors, career center technicians, ROP staff, and work experience coordinators), and business, industry and labor representatives. Individual membership fee is $30 which includes subscription to CCEA Newsletter, eligibility for CCEA grants, and all other membership benefits. Organizational membership fee is $75 which includes three people and an additional $20 for each added organizational member and includes all membership benefits.
CCEA conducts annual conferences and the 2005 conference where conference attendees appreciated the exhibitors and the information they provided. Included topics of the conference were of Health Careers and Paths, Using Career Information resources, Transferable Skills, How to Have a Career day at High Schools, Setting Up a Career Center, and a lot more of important topics. However, for this year of 2006, the California Career Education Association will not be able to conduct a conference but they have chosen to work with the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). The ICDC offers a five-day career focused conference for CCEA members with attendees from throughout the US. The conference will be held in Santa Clara on November 1-5, 2006, with full day programs with world-renown speakers in addition to three days of breakout sessions and tours of local area employers.
The California Career Education Association is a supporter for constant development of career education throughout the state of California and is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign in behalf of any candidates. The main office of CCEA for its transaction of business is located in the City of Ceres, County of Stanislaus, State of California.