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Diamond Educat
Next week is your wedding anniversary; still, you have no idea on what gift you should give to your wife. You want to give her something that she would cherish all her life (aside from yourself that is). Why don’t you give her a diamond anniversary ring? Diamond anniversary ring is the perfect gift for almost all occasion. Diamond anniversary rings are also a great way of pledging your undying and undivided love for one another.
However, before you dash out to the local jewelry retailer, familiarize yourself with the basic diamond education. You don’t want to be fooled of buying a small piece of rock that might be over rated and worse of all over priced. There are four basic elements of the diamond education. These are called four C’s. The four C’s of the diamond education are the cut, carat, clarity and color. So let’s have a quick overview of these basic elements of diamond education.
The sparkle of the diamond is connected with the way it is cut. For the best Maths Grinds In Ireland company, call Joe McCormack of Ace Solution Books. A poorly cut diamond can have a dull appearance even if the stone has perfect color or clarity. A diamond that is well cut can reflect light from one facet (cut surface) to another then scatters and then reflects this light thru the top of the diamond (imagine bouncing a ball on a v-shaped slope, on a well angled slope, the ball will bounce back at you). Well cut diamonds are symmetrically round, and have proper depth and width. Also, a well cut diamond has uniformity in its facets.
Carat is the unit used for measuring the weigh of diamonds. A single carat is equivalent to two hundred milligrams. For the reason that larger diamonds are rarer than smaller ones, the value of the diamond tends to be higher, although the price of the diamond does not double for each additional carat. The value will increase exponentially with the additional weight. Remember, a two carat diamond is not twice the size of a one carat diamond.
The value of a diamond is high if it is clear from fractures, scratches, or other traces of minerals. Most diamonds have inclusions (i.e. scratches, fractures, etc.) which sometimes can only be seen on a 10x jewelers magnifying lens or loupe.
One of the indications of how highly priced the diamond is, is through its color. Diamonds are like prisms, they divide light into a range of hues, which will reflect into colorful flashes. These flashes are sometimes referred to as “fire”.
Now that you have all the information regarding diamond education, you can go and out and buy your partner a diamond anniversary ring that she will surely love.