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Are your children programmed agains’t their will. Give them the gift of survival with online education. Can your children succeed without you
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Well mums and dads it looks like the days of the abacus is now a thing of the past. Remember how we would sit for hours teaching the children how to count with rows of coloured balls and how we would scroll down every sentence of the famous For the best Maths Grinds In Ireland company, call Joe McCormack of Ace Solution Books. Janet and John book when teaching the kiddies to read. Just teaching the toddlers how to hold a pencil was an ordeal.
We all want what is best for our children, but trying to self educate them can be very time consuming for the busy working mum or dad
There is now a solution for all concerned parents wanting a better education for their family with the help of online education. The internet is the most powerful tool that we have in our lives today for learning and gathering information.
Mums and dads you do not have to be computer educated to be part of this major break through, where your children get to improve and better themselves with online education knowledge. You can never know too much.
Education is the key to securing a better future job or career for each of us. Without the curriculum vitae and qualification papers, do not expect to get your foot over any employer’s doorway. To be honest I feel a person can not be judged by a piece of paper, but I am afraid to say that this is how the system works, no papers no job.
Online education is by far the best option for anyone of us wanting to advance forward and move up on the ladder of success. Learning in your own time is a major bonus especially where the kiddies are concerned; no one enjoys being told what to do and when to do it.
This may be the answer why most pupils do not enjoy or excel in their chosen subjects at School College or any training programme, all because they are programmed against their will.
Internet babies as I call them have a great chance of learning from an early age if mummy and daddy introduces them to the computer with movie tutorials;
Let the World Wide Web tutor your children to get on in life. The internet is very safe, so as a parent you have no worries, you get parental control over what the kiddies can and can not do when learning to surf the internet.
Give your child the best gift ever to lead a rewarding life and that is the knowledge on how to survive.
Adults this is privacy deal where you can learn to read and write should you not have had the chance in the early years.
Children many moons ago were forced to work down the mines from the early age of eight or in the mills, just to put a crust on the table. This is the 21st century where the kids get to put a loaf on the table with the right education, and to acquire this then the safest bet is the internet.
Talking of years gone by I remember being told how my son was a genius for his age at the age of five, how proud I was? I had never heard of the internet so I raised him with love and affection like mothers do. This son with a Mensa IQ now digs holes for a living. Sixteen years later I had my second son, only this time the internet was first and foremost in my mind. This son has qualifications in computers where he actually engineers the ins and outs of the internet. I will always be the very proud mother of both. Information Page