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A bathroom – what does it mean for each of us? The place, where we usually brush our teeth and take a shower, or something more than that?

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A bathroom – what does it mean for each of us? The place, where we usually brush our teeth and take a shower, or something more than that? A lot of designers assure that judging by one’s bathroom it is possible to find out practically everything about a man and his/her tastes. The times when it was regarded from the point of view of its direct use are far behind. Nowadays, bathrooms sometimes occupy a whole room with a window allowing us to enjoy sunshine and look at the stars during exhilarating and relaxing water procedures.
Aesthetics and functionality.
It is good when a detached house is designed taking into account the tastes of its master. In this case it is possible to locate a bathroom anywhere. In multifamily houses, unfortunately, one has to orient to what is offered by a developer, and it is not recommended to introduce global changes, besides, for that it is necessary to collect a great deal of documents. Therefore, being involved in design of a bathroom one can come across both ungainly forms and abstract sizes. And this can really become a big problem – for all the necessary elements should be placed in such a way that they not only fit the given room and function normally, as well as look aesthetically.
Retro-materials in a new perspective.
Unfortunately, only few recollect a saying that everything old is new again. A shower partition with high lighting and a small ship floating between the glasses made of glass blocks – why not a new life for an old material?
The same can be said about tiles of a medium size. Earlier its choice was so scarce that the design of all bathrooms looked similar. Now with a large variety of choice a lot of people keep away from an ordinary tile format. But in fact the problem is not because of the size but the way it was presented on the walls. At present with the help of wonderful decors, borders, panels, as well as in combination with other materials and original author’s idea it is possible to achieve an interesting result.
Selecting a bathtub, You can recollect retro-objects. If the style of the bathroom allows on the whole, then a galvanised bathtub from the last century can become not only functional as well as a very stylish supplement of the interior.
Though, of course, if a bathroom is in the Empire style or the style of Turkish baths, it will be too much of liberty. Here a real “hamam” is needed. Well, if the worst comes to the worst, an ideally white bathtub in the classic style will do.
And a few more words about retro. Walls in the bathroom were decorated with mosaic already by Tsar Herod. Nowadays this tendency is also quite topical. A mosaic floor and walls with a sense of proportion and an appropriate taste of masters, will help to create an unhacked and bright interior.
New ideas.
If you are still not content with old standards and traditional materials – improvise on any topics. Oriental style and traditional English one, luxurious imperial and Japanese minimalism, ocean coast and a countryside landscape – choose any fantasy for your bathroom.
But one shouldn’t forget that a bathroom is the place where we start and finish our day. And the way we started it in the morning influences our mood, our working rhythm. In the evening in a spacious bathroom it is pleasant to wash away tiredness and feel happy in a cozy home. As regards a boiler, and a washing machine as well as other accessories, it is always possible to find another more convenient place for them.