PDD1 London builders: How to choose a natural stone. Part Two.

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Marble on the walls looks spectacular, but because of its porous structure the stone will need permanent protection with the help of water-repellent liquids.

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Marble on the walls looks spectacular, but because of its porous structure the stone will need permanent protection with the help of water-repellent liquids. The situation with granite in this case is much simpler – this material is stronger and firmer. The only thing which remains is to regularly wipe the walls, removing water drops. Natural floor tiles, as it has already been said, should have non-slip surface, otherwise, you take a risk of slipping and falling down while leaving the bath. Covering the floor surface with a protective rug makes no sense taking into account an idea of having a smooth “mirror” floor in the bathroom.
Since humidity is the essential attribute of such places, you shouldn’t forget about the choice of special glue for the bathroom tiles. Firstly, the glue must not be ruined by water and, secondly, it should provide additional waterproofing for a floor and walls.
Kitchen decoration.
Quite often natural stone is used in a kitchen decoration not only for floor, but for kitchen worktops, wall tiles, natural stone splashbacks, windowsills etc. All these could be made of one and the same or different materials – as you like it. However, in the kitchen, the same as in the bathroom, it is not recommended to have polished floor tiles without anti-slip protection: it is dangerous and not very convenient. Matte marble coating completely meets this demand, but it has its disadvantages: spilt vinegar or lemon juice will spoil the tile and it’s not an easy task to remove red vine from the light rugged floor. Dark, red or grey granite is a more suitable option, but mud protection will not be needless for it as well.
Marble countertops will make your kitchen look luxurious, but regular home food preparation is connected with acidulous ingredients, which ruin marble in case of long-term exposure. However, there are protective sealants for kitchen stone, but they should be applied regularly.
So, the most suitable option for kitchen worktops turns out to be granite again: it is beautiful, safe, secure and needs minimal care.
Generally, windowsills have a decorative function that is why they are less exposed to chemical agents. Just don’t forget to wipe spilled water at once after watering and fertilizing flowers. While everything is so simple with windowsills, you can choose any decorative stone you like and be guided only with your own taste and financial abilities.
Rooms decoration.
Natural stone in rooms is used for fireplaces, balusters and stairs, banisters, coffee tables and various decorations. Since they are exposed only to small mechanical effect, they are manufactured from almost all types of natural stone. Statuettes and vases made of marble and onyx will make your apartment look more sophisticated and bring your interior closer to the classic style. Their maintenance is very simple – such items should be periodically wiped with a dry and soft duster. Floors in the rooms can be smooth; they look especially good in spacious halls.
Knowing all these fine points now you can select natural stone for your home or flat design without any difficulties. If you have any doubts about the correctness of this or that idea for the interior design, refer to specialists of natural stone company supplier. They will give you more detailed information, recommend you optimal means for protection and maintenance and will correctly perform all the works for house decoration.