Warning Signs Of Asthma

This article was originally written by Mary Jane Holmes

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What are some of the early warning signs of Asthma
Early Warning Signs of Asthma can help head off an attack.
Early warning signs could be experienced prior to your start of an asthma episode.
Should you recognize these clues that happen before actual asthma symptoms, early coarse of action can be started.
These signs are unique for different people..
Sometimes warning signs could be found only by the individual, while other early warning signs can be more potential to be noticed by other family members..
A select few examples of early warning signs can be:
* Breathing changes
* Sneezing
* Moodiness
* Headache
* Runny/stuffy nose
* Coughing
* Chin or throat itches
* Feeling tired
* Dark circles under eyes
* Trouble sleeping
* Poor tolerance for exercise
* Downward trend in peak flow number
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