Weight Loss: The Keys You Need to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

This article was originally written by Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, Ph.D, ND, DACBN

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D-I-E-T…many people could not think of a more horrible word. They associate it with hunger, frustration, and ultimately failure. This one single word has stopped many people dead in the tracks. It seems many people would prefer being overweight, rather than suffering the consequences of a diet.
But a healthy diet does not mean starvation. And a healthy diet is the only one you need to follow to lose weight and keep it off. Hunger is a natural signal from the body telling us to eat. Don’t ignore it. Go ahead and eat when you are hungry. If you want to lose weight you just need to be more selective about the foods you are choosing to satisfy your hunger. Here’s how to achieve weight loss and get healthy without ever being hungry.
Eat To Lose Weight
You should never have to be hungry in order to lose weight. On the contrary, when we are hungry we tend to panic into eating whatever is in sight to protect us from starvation. Eating regular meals that leave you full and satisfied will help you stick to a healthier meal plan and reach your weight loss goals. Eat five or six small meals spaced regularly throughout the day so that you will be better able to moderate portion sizes and remain in control of what you eat. Skipping meals will slow down your metabolism and cause you to overcompensate with a larger meal later in the day. Permanent weight loss does not involve starving or deprivation, rather it involves a healthy eating plan that keeps you in control of what you put in your mouth. The best diet for weight loss is in the book by Dr. Group “Weight Loss Secrets Revealed” available at https://petinstead.com/weightlossobesity
Weight Loss Tip: Slow down. We all have so many things to accomplish each day. And this busy schedule makes us eat quicker to stay ahead. Eating slowly and chewing your food 25x before you swallow will allow you stomach to signal your brain that it is full, avoiding unnecessary calories.
Think About Food
Most people think that in order to achieve permanent weight loss they need to skip meals and get their minds off of food. This is not true! When you are hungry, and you haven’t thought about what healthy food you can eat to satisfy your tummy, you will more likely grab for whatever is fastest and easiest. Most often this involves junk-food snacks like chips or pretzels or fries and burger from the drive through.
Think about what you are going to eat each day and what healthy snacks and meals you need to have ready for when hunger strikes. If you are going out to eat, think about the menu options ahead of time so that you can order your favorite healthy selection without being tempted by the other unhealthy selections on the menu.
Weight Loss Tip: If you feel hunger coming on, don’t try to put it out of your mind. Rather, think about what healthy treat you are about to enjoy!
Make Exercise Fun!
If there is any one word that could inspire as much or more fear than the word “DIET” it is probably “EXERCISE.” But exercise does not and should not have to involve hours at the gym or arduous time spent in a mindless, painful routine. People who are successful at achieving weight loss, and making it permanent, have usually found a way to make exercise a fun part of their daily activities. If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, you need to incorporate exercise into your day. And don’t be discouraged if you don’t think exercise could be fun. It’s easy to make exercise so fun that you’ll look forward to doing it every day.
Weight Loss Tip: Exercise with a friend, listen to music you love, or enjoy the stress relieving qualities of fresh air on a brisk walk. Think about activities you enjoy and incorporate them into your exercise routine. There are even exercises you can do while watching TV!
Don’t Give Up Or Give In
The first thing you need to realize about losing weight is that there will be days when you simply do not want to do it. You will want to eat what you want and skip the exercise for the day. Stay committed to your goals through these tough times. Remind yourself of any small accomplishments you’ve made already and the weight loss goals you will eventually achieve. And don’t fall for the latest weight loss schemes. Weight loss takes time, but the goal is permanent. Short cuts will not get you and keep you where you want to be.
Weight Loss Tip: Look at these changes as a way to get and stay healthy while achieving permanent weight loss. Stay focused on your goals and keep a positive attitude about your progress.
Weight loss is not easy. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun! Enjoy your life to the fullest by taking care of yourself, eating delicious wholesome foods and making exercise an enjoyable part of your day!
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