Weight Loss: The Two Words That Guarantee Success

This article was originally written by Mark Idzik

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Did you know that being successful with losing weight starts with just two words?
Two words will either guarantee you’ll lose weight, or guarantee the you WON’T lose weight. You see, words are very powerful. Especially the words that we say to ourselves… our self-talk.
Whatever we say to ourselves goes directly to our subconscious and is accepted as complete truth.
Did you catch that?
Whatever you say to yourself or others is accepted as a complete truth to your subconscious mind.
How do you describe yourself?
Do you see yourself as healthy, slim and energetic? Or do you see yourself as heavy and overweight? Do you tell yourself (or complain to others) that “you can’t” lose weight?
If you say to yourself….
“I am fat” … your mind says OK, you’re fat and gets to work in the background on taking actions that make (and keep) you fat.
“I am healthy and slim”… your mind says, OK, and gets to work in the background on taking actions that make (and keep) you healthy and slim.
[Note: You literally can’t lose weight if you see yourself as overweight… your mind won’t let you. This is one reason so many struggle with losing weight… and keeping it off. ]
Your subconscious doesn’t argue with you, or reason with your statement. It just goes to work following your instructions.
This one, small lifestyle change can make a difference between being successful in reaching your weight loss goals, and continual struggle to lose weight.
It’s simple, just replace your current thoughts and words with ones that support your “new” you starting with those two most important words, “I am”:
“I am healthy”
“I am slim”
“I am fit”
“I am healthy and trim”
“I am at my goal weight of (your goal) pounds”
Saying “I am” gives your mind a statement and command in the affirmative… as if it were already true.
Do this regularly, every day, and watch your thoughts and self talk closely. If you catch yourself slipping, immediately stop your negative thoughts and replace them with those above, or your own “I am” statements.
Before you know it, your actions and results will start taking shape (literally 🙂 ). It’s a proven fact, your mind acts on what you tell it, just tell it what you want!
You CAN do it!