What Is Nutmeg And What Can It Do For Me?

This article was originally written by Chuck Mason

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When we think of nutmeg, we probably bring to mind a glass of egg nog or fragrant holiday cookies. Yet the nutmeg has a fascinating history, and the oil of nutmeg can be used for medicinal purposes. It comes from a tree in Asia that grows to about fifteen feet tall. It has historically been used for medicinal purposes in China, and its use dates back as far as the fifth century. The Caribbean Island of Grenada has taken nutmeg under its wing, producing nearly a third of the supply of the world’s nutmeg.
The nutmeg seed, however, is what gives us the spice of nutmeg. The seed is made up in part by oils and cellulose like material that is sometimes used to make nutmeg butter. Nutmeg oil comes from the seeds. Nutmeg oil is used in some surprising places. Coca Cola uses it as a flavoring for the famous and very popular drink Coke. It is also found in many baked goods, and is a required ingredient in many baking recipes. It is used to flavor candies, certain kinds of syrups, and also some meats. Check the label on any of these products in the grocery store, and you are likely to find nutmeg oil listed.
Would you believe that the cosmetic industry also uses nutmeg? It can be found in many products to provide a better or longer lasting scent to products. It is often used in conjunction with other aromatic spices to further enhance a product’s scent. You’ll even find it in use when you visit the dentist, as it is combined with salicylate and clove to make a flavorful dental cream.
Nutmeg’s best kept secret is its use in the pharmaceutical industry. It has been known for its health benefits and works well on illnesses that affect the liver and the central nervous system, and the digestive system.
Nutmeg has been a useful ingredient in many different aspects of our lives. We might not realize it, but nutmeg is something we come into contact with nearly every day, and we are better for it.